Graeme Lowe, the founder started the company in 1964. The Company has a proud and well documented history in the New Zealand meat and by-products industry, driven by a pioneering spirit. This spirit lives on in the company which is still owned and run by the Lowe family.


Hides, skins, pelts

  • Cattle         
  • Sheep
  • Deer


Business operations

  • Tanneries & fellmongery: Cattle, Sheep, Deer – take to Wet Blue, Pickle and Salted stage
  • Farming Operations in Hawkes Bay

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We have plants around New Zealand

Lowe Corporation has plants throughout New Zealand, sourcing material from both the farming and the wider food industry. The company exports 90% of its product.

Cape Sanctuary:

Sustainability is a key focus for the business both at an operational level and through the company's contribution to conservation at Cape Sanctuary, Hawkes Bay.

Rescue Helicopter:

The Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service is a charitable trust established to provide a dedicated Rescue Helicopter Service to the Hawkes Bay region.