Pickled Deer Skins


New Zealand deer skins are desired by world leading designers for application to the manufacture of handbags, garments and shoes, offering a deep spongy feel and a luxurious pebble grain that can be accentuated or minimized during the tanning process.

Upon receipt at our plant, deer skins are trimmed then fleshed to create a clean and uniform starting point for the preservation process that ensues. The skins are processed in vessels through to a pickle stage before being graded for quality and substance and packed into export standard wooden pallets for distribution to customers or prepared for further processing.








Quality Selection


PK Deerskins XH 11-16 4.5 - 4.6 Over 1.7 Run and 3rd combined 250
PK Deerskins Heavy 10-15 3.1 - 3.2 1.4 - 1.7 Run 3rd 300
PK Deerskins Medium 10-14 2.3 - 2.4 0.9 - 1.4 Run 3rd 400
PK Deerskins Light 09-13 1.9 - 2.0 Under 0.9 Run 3rd 500
PK Deerskins All in 08-16

2.2 - 2.4

All in 4th Reject 400
WS Deerskins All in 08-16 N/A All in Run and 3rd combined 125

Quality Grading



  • Skins must be of a symmetrical shape.
  • Aside from the defined "central damage" area and the defined "fringe damage" areas skins must have a minimum of three clean quadrants.
  • Scars that are healed and flat do not count as faults. The fourth quadrant may contain damage of any severity or location.
  • Minor mis-shapen skins are allowed if they do not compromise the main panel.
  • Light grain draw is allowed.
  • Defective skins from Run
  • In addition to damage in the defined "central damage" area and the "fringe damage" area skins may contain more than one damaged quadrant.
  • Residual hair (hair root) is allowed.
  • Skins showing prominent grain damage or other inherent or induced faults such as widespread disease, weak grain, gross scores and healed or raised scratches or scars are allowed.
  • Major mis-shapen skins are allowed if they are over 8 SF.
  • Heavy draw is allowed.
  • Heavy bruising, covering more than 50% of the skin is allowed.
  • Defective skins from Third.
  • Badly torn skins are allowed.
  • Substance all in

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